The starting point is the valley station of the Salvenbahn gondola Hopfgarten, from here you turn right onto the Lindrainweg. A well-built asphalt road leads after about 5km to the Sunnseit hut.

Round trip Sunnseit hut - a nice walk - approx 2 hours duration

At the valley station of the Salvenbahn gondola Hopfgarten begins this beautiful and not too strenuous hike. From here turn right onto Lindrainweg. The Lindrainweg leads on asphalt, but surrounded by meadows, winding uphill.

After a stretch of level road, the route runs from the sign "Sunnseit hut 40 minutes" in some long curves upward. Past meadows and farms, on the one hand you have the Hohe Salve Mountain constantly in view, while on the other hand you can enjoy with increasing height the always better prospect of Wörgl, Kelchsau, Brixen and Penningberg.

At the Sunnseit hut arrived, cross the terrace and you are at the beginning of the re-lined with lanterns toboggan run. A gravel road leads - once an access road traversing - winding through the forest down, the gondola at a glance. At the St. Anthony's chapel the path continues towards Hopfgarten, where you turn right on Högerhof and go directly to the marketplace.
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